Ancillary Services

Project Management Services. All of our consultants have extensive hotel operations experience, allowing them to utilize this knowledge in other areas of the industry. By applying Niche Advisors’ systematic methodology and approach to any needs of our hotel clients, projects and initiatives that are beyond the resources of a hotel management team can now be implemented. Examples of our project management services include: operations assessment and improvement, procedural development, revenue control and revenue management, guest service index or mystery shopping action planning, concept feasibility for new services or amenities, capital and return on investment planning for new technology, supplies, or FF&E, contract negotiation or contract compliance analysis, financial management training for lower and mid-level management, etc. We recognize the reality of today’s demands on hotel management and offer our project management services to supplement or augment your overall organizational goals.

Hotel Opening & Transition Task Force. Establishing and implementing service goals and brand objectives on day one of a new property opening requires extensive commitment, planning, and resources from hospitality organizations. Many large companies utilize a task force approach in which managers from other properties work on site just prior and after opening to assist the new management team achieve operational stabilization. For those properties that are not in a position to bring in additional internal assistance, Niche Advisors can provide support for your internal teams to ensure that your opening or conversion is a success. Essentially, our task force services provide a way for you to outsource some or all of your pre-opening process for which your internal team lacks the time or resources to complete.

Touchpoint Training

TouchPoint Management (TP). Managing a hospitality operation essentially means managing the relationships you have with your guests. We offer three levels of training programs focusing on helping you improve these relationships at every point in which you connect with your customers. These "touchpoints" are the critical moments that either make or break your ability to achieve excellence. We offer TouchPoint Staff Training program to focus on service excellence for all levels of associates, TouchPoint Selling Training to assist relationship building in the sales process, and TouchPoint Leadership to help develop leadership skills through relationship management.

Staff Training. TouchPoint Service Excellence is a program based on the skills and philosophy of how front line staff can engage and develop relationships with their customers. This is critical in the endeavor of creating loyalty amongst your most important customers. In the hospitality industry, managing the guest service experience is paramount to the success of developing customer loyalty. The TouchPoint Management program was created to help establish a process and system for staff to manage these relationships through first impression management, conversational expertise, segmenting and delivering a customized experience, wowing, managing problems and then keeping the relationship fresh.

Sales Training. TouchPoint Selling can be utilized amongst your sales team to help them develop those skills most critical to development of great client relationships. All great sales people will tell you that their job is not to sell a product, but rather to develop relationships with their clients. Selling is also about organization and strategic planning. TouchPoint Selling covers important time management issues and also introduces a 365 day strategic approach to developing and renewing relationships.

Leadership Training. Leaders drive the service climate, thus the predisposition of associates to satisfy customers. Management today is not about getting people to do what you want them to do. Management is about getting people to want to do what you want them to do. What are you doing to ensure that your employees are managing relationships to achieve customer loyalty? What are you doing to drive commitment at all levels of your company? TouchPoint Leadership is about developing these skills and identifying those opportunities that a manager has to make a difference with their staff.

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